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Do you have a wedding party and are looking for a nice text greeting for the happy couple?
Did you buy a gift and don't have the right words? (or) Did you buy a gift and are not sure what to write inside?

At you will find all types of text greetings, such as Birthday Greetings, Holiday greetings etc. You can also find nice and funny texts and add your own texts.

All categories are arranged by subjects, such as "Birthday", "Wedding Anniversary", and greetings/texts can be found easily by the great new search engine.
Still can't find what you're looking for? You can write to one of our composers and they'll try to write exactly what you need for you.

Another new feature is the "Quotes & Proverbs" area where you can find all kind of funny quotesor interesting idioms and phrases for anny occasion.

Have a nice day!

Birthdays Are an Annual Excuse
Birthdays are an annual excuse,
A way of saying things we ought to say.
Relatively few can sing their love
Unless they do it on some special day.
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